HID EikonTouch TC710Capacitive silicon USB fingerprint reader with enhanced usability and FBI PIV certification

HID EikonTouch TC710 Fingerprint Reader - Capacitive silicon USB fingerprint reader with enhanced usability and FBI PIV certification
HID EikonTouch TC710

EikonTouch TC710 Details

FBI PIV certification

The EikonTouch TC710 USB capacitive silicon fingerprint reader has a compact design with improved finger guide ergonomics for ease of use.

The new design offers LED feedback above the finger placement area for intuitive fingerprint enrollment, capture and verification.

The reader’s small form factor and weighted base allows for stability on even the smallest surfaces and is ideally suited for government, healthcare and other logical access control applications.

The patented technology captures high-quality images for a wide range of fingerprints and provides liveness detection for quick and reliable biometric authentication.

Our biometric identity verification solution provides enterprise customers and system integrators with a natural extension to security infrastructure, perfect for desktop PC security, mobile PC security, access control and other custom applications.

Authenticate Without a Password

In certain sectors, such as healthcare, finance or education, job functions require employees to access multiple systems and spaces within the same business day.

Often, their workstations are also exposed to public environments, creating additional risk. It can be an inefficient hassle to resubmit the same password over and over throughout the day. SEE MORE

Key Features

  • FBI PIV certification
  • On-board processing for template generation, template matching and template storage
  • Encrypted USB communication
  • PAD (Presentation Attack Detection)


Designed for use with the DigitalPersona® Software Developer Kit (SDK) that provides flexible APIs to enable fast integration of the EikonTouch TC710 into a broad range of applications.



Fingerprint readers are used to securely verify identity

HID covers a wide range of products from the simplest for authentication on PC, network to the most complex of the LUMIDIGM series used by the FBI


The fingerprint scanner scans your fingerprint.

It can be used for many applications, including access control, license verification, criminal background checks, computer logon, etc.


Verification of the “liveliness” of a person, in practice verifying that the fingerprint is not a fake, which is performed via a computer system.

This control is usually used to counter fraud and identity theft.


The main categories of fingerprint matching techniques are minutiae-based matching and pattern matching.

Pattern matching simply compares stored images to see how similar they are.

Pattern matching is usually used in fingerprint systems to detect any duplicates.


See the document Powering Trusted Identities with Fingerprint Biometrics Brochure